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Welcome to Lighthouse Morgans
by Linda Hastings

I”d like you to invite you to enjoy our web site and to tell you a little about myself. Horses have been my passion from my early childhood in Portland, Oregon. Every time a horse was near, the draw was there. There is something about a horse person that is different from all others. Over the years, looking at different families, it is evident that horse people have the same drive!!!

My Dad and Mom were wonderfully supportive. I went to every parade around to look at the horses, read horse books, thought about horses and talked to every person I saw with a horse into riding their horse. My mother graciously took me to riding lessons weekly and eventually, Mom and Dad bought my first horse. When I went to college at OSU, my horse went with me, of course!

When I was married, at age 21, it was understood that my horse went with me as a package deal! I’m sure my honey thought that the horses were something that I would outgrow, but there is something in a horse person that does not leave. After having several horses and mostly Arabs, I asked Swede, my sweet husband, what horse he would like if he had the choice of any. “A Morgan, of course”. That settled it for me. I figured if he was interested in the breed, things would be smoother for me in my endeavors. We set out to find a Morgan. That led us to Phil Morrison of Aranaway Farms. He led me to Full Moon Fantasia, a beautiful Spenmay Society Don mare who was four years old. Swede said that was his choice and thus mine. She was a great horse, and provided us with many wonderful babies, show times and companionship.

Swede and I decided to visit Florida and found Ocala. There we bought a Thoroughbred farm with track, starting chute and 35 acres. It was my dream place except for the distance to Oregon and our family. We trained Thoroughbreds and had a real educational time with all the vets and trainers and breeders there. We had an on-call vet everyday checking for one thing or the other. I thought, “what a life”. Fantastic!! Just horses, horses, horses!!! I drove Fanny miles and miles on our track and over the back roads with the beautiful moss making a tunnel through the trees. Our kids discovered there that they didn’t want to make a career of doing stalls and our little one, Reggie, had a ball riding. He was too young to do the stalls, but helped with haying and other chores riding the tractor!! We did well there but the call for going home to Oregon became too great and we moved back; away from the flies, mosquitoes, and sinkholes and alligators!!

Linda and Swede Hastings eventually we moved to our present location in Eagle Point, Oregon. It is a beautiful facility and we have more Morgans than ever! During the thirty some years that we have had Morgans we have met many wonderful people and feel that the Morgan community is small and very “safe” as one of my clients recently recounted. Everyone knows everyone! We buy and sell, breed and consign horses here Our grandsons, Cameron and Conner are twin boys who are great with helping and really grown up. They are in 4-H and are 13.

Reggie, our youngest son, has a Funquest Morgan gelding and he is married to a lovely horse lover, Larkin, who has a lovely Morgan mare. Look at their website They have three wonderful children. Sammy, 21, loves to ride like the wind and take care of her Morgan horse, ET. Little Reggie is 13 and rides Chammy, our Spenmay Society Don daughter who is 28 this year. Jeremiah is 4, he loves to ride on the tractor and of course go riding with his parents.
Sunny, our daughter, helps with the website and does lots of computer stuff for me.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of matching many riders and breeders across the nation to horses making both happy and satisfied. We have a list of many wonderful people, several buying two or more beautiful Morgans from us. Our focus has been on Morgan type and really quality colored horses and family horses. This fits the Morgan breed well. I am so happy that my Swede had the foresight to steer me in that direction.

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